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Best Food Caterer | Creating a memorable proposal Idea for you!

There are many once in a lifetime decision, Best Food Caterer would be making it a breeze walkthrough with our dedicated strategy to win the hand of your future wife. Our website would be providing ideas and other necessary items for the proposal are within reach. From flowers to gifts to selection of the venue, the only thing you might need to consider would be the exact date and time to pop the question

Tell us about your ideas, we would be able to provide a made to fit solution for your requirements and needs to make this a memorable proposal event for both you and your partner be it to be a intimate occasion for just two of you or you intend to invite close friends and family member to witness the joyous occasion. We would be providing the set up and ensuring everything run smooth from the starting point to the end.

Proposal Idea


Each marriage proposal would be unique, you would want to be original and yet not overboard. It could be through a carefully planned proposal in another event as a set upto caught your partner off guard. A marriage proposal while playing a game of charade, where your partner is holding the answer card to ask you the question. Do bear in mind who will be doing the position of guessing or answering. A marriage proposal for the special one who are very close to their family, this could be done over a simple gathering or a meal where family and friends holding signs or banner before the questions is asked. It will surely be a memorable one as family and friends are actively involved in this. A package delivery to his/her office with you disguise as the delivery person would also be adding to the element of surprise, being the delivery person, which could also denotes in having to deliver your second half of your journey to the person.

There would be other suggestion in proposing during a trip or a staged photoshop be it indoor or outdoor the surprising factor would always be there and the sincerity in getting all the pieces together, having countless rehearsal to ensure everything run smoothly and to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstance would be encouraged.

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Proposal Idea | What is the offering?

The proposal idea would special and unique that we wished to deliver to you and your partner. Best Food caterer would be working very closely with you, if you are looking for an extremely romantic proposal or just a simple yet sweet proposal themed, we have experience personnel to advise and assist you throughout the process.

You might be struggling to come out with a good idea even when you had already bough the ring, you might be overwhelmed, and marriage proposal ideas come in all shapes and sizes. We have a dedicated team to assist you and we would further streamline and filter to what you really wants. The venue itself would be a tough selection, here are some of the example: private event, public places, beach style, in the city, indoor or nature. From the venue preparation and decoration, the rehearsal portion to the careful planning of all the necessary logistic and risk assessment.

Marriage Proposal | Check Out Our Various Proposal Ideas?

Here are some of the package we have in order to impress your other half, car boot proposal. We would be decorating your car boot and it comes with balloons which are helium filled with wordings of “Will You Marry Me?” or banner options. A bouquet of flowers also available while you asked the question. There would be optional add on for cameraman, car rental, hi-tea refreshment for 2.

Proposal Theme

If you and your partner love the nature, we would suggest you take on the picnic proposal option. Helium filled balloons or banner with wordings “Will You Marry Me?”, a bouquet of flowers, this package will include a cinematographer to allow to capture the entire process in movie manner, a violist are also included to add music from the background to improve the romantic ambience of the environment.

Lastly, you could arrange a simple gathering for family and friends to a boat trip and surprise your partner when she is least expected. We have another more luxury set package which include yacht rental, cinematographer with cameraman, balloons with 25 insta pics, a bouquet of flowers, table and venue set up decoration, there will be food cater for 20, there would be optional add on for musicians to be on board to play romantic tunes through out the session .

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