Globally, it is known that first birthdays are of great significance – it commemorates our first year of life and showcases appreciation for our parents. Celebrated by loved ones, it becomes one of the most valuable memory for years to come. Hence, making that day involves many aspects as follows.

Beautiful Party Decorations

What’s a party without decorations?! Decorations are vital as they set the mood and ambiance for the birthday party. Considering how special a first birthday is, the decorations in the party venue should be colorful and exciting. Depending on theme of the party, the decorations can range from balloon arcs to balloon sculpting to streamers and party poppers! One can choose a theme that involves their favorite colors or TV/movie characters or even get invited guests to dress according to the theme set just to create the perfect first-birthday environment for the child.

Delicious catered food

Flavoursome food is but of course an essential part in any event and if it belongs to a kid then kid friendly foods are a must! Veggie Dips, muffins, wafers, potato chips, pop-corn, ice creams, chocolates are just one the many food items that can be included in the party. It is also important to note that the food is safe for young children to consume with the consideration of an allergies list, if provided.

Beautiful and Delicious Birthday Cake and Dessert Table

Not forgetting the birthday cake, to commemorate the entire party. The nature of the cake is an important aspect to be followed by the organiser or cake-maker. It can come in different shapes and sizes and range from different themes such as, Spiderman, Superman, Dinosaurs, Disney princesses or any other favorite character or theme. Often there is a debate on how much cake we should order. Fret not, the organiser will take into careful consideration the number of people invited to the party.

Fun Kids Entertainment and Entertainers

Active and engaging entertainment is a must if the party involves many children. These activities can range from bouncy-castles to balloon sculpting to magic shows and to games such as musical chairs, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey etc are required to set them and make it a joyous fun-filled occasion, one that will be remembered in years to come.

Reasonably-Priced, Spacious and Beautiful Event Venue

To celebrate a birthday, one must get a venue that is suitable for the nature of event, for example space for the bouncy-castle or for the children to run when having activities. To do that, one should consider the number of people coming to the party. The venue found should be able to accommodate most of the guests, if not all. Apart from that, the venue should be easily accessible by transport and most importantly have ample parking spaces.

Skillful Event Photography and Videography

To seize the memories of the first birthday, photographers and videographers are require to capture these moments. With one click, they can make your life idyllic by taking a candid photo or group pictures, making an album and then sending them to you in beautiful photo album, where you can reminisce all the good time you had on that very special day.