It’s a joy to see your kids having a good time during their birthday, having fun from playing with other kids and games available in the venue. A good birthday party would consist of good accessible venue, entertainment for kids like balloon twist sculpting, interactive games for kids and even magic performance, food live station like popcorn machine, candy floss and ice cream with waffles. We plan to give your kids an experience of a carnival and a memorable event which would fondly remember.

Children Party Theme | What we offer?

Having enjoyment of good company and hearty snacks would surely be the highlight of the event, just let us know how many people are attending the party we will be planning the necessary for you. At Best Food Caterer, we ensure that delicious and favourable food are being served being a children party themed we will be suggesting kid friendly food items which are handy and safe to handle.

There would not a moment of dull, where there are kid party entertainers around, twisting of balloons, performance of magic trick, mascot dressed as your kid’s favourite character, glittering tattoo session, nicely set up dessert tables and customization of birthday cakes

Best Food Caterer aims to be the one stop service provider for all your catering needs, from just a few clicks or swipes you would be able to view the selection of menu to the type of services provided on that day of the event. We are like your event planner, you choose how you want to run your events there would be a huge selection of services from entertainment for your children, decoration of the venue, effective space planning. Best of all, there would be no hassle on the dismantling on the station after the end of the event. We are dedicated to plan from the start to the end to ensure tip top service delivery to you and a wonderful enjoyable experience for your little ones.  

In order to keep those blessed moment of joy, professional photographers and videographers are also available to be added into your event to capture all the fun, loving or even candid moments. All the memories would be compiled into a beautiful photo album for remembrance.

kids party plan
kids party plan

Kids Birthday Party Idea | Check Out Our Various kids party theme Ideas?

There would be carnival theme, where the venue is decorated with balloons and dependent on the area size of the venue a mini bounce castle would also be possible to post as a decoration and as well as to allow the kids to play on it. There are also fairy-tale themed, where a fairy tale character backdrop would be installed at the venue. Accessories and costume would also be available for rental arrangement before the commencement of the event.

kids party catering
kids party catering

Depending on the interest and liking of your child, we would make the fantasy be true on the event itself. Other them available would be rustic jungle, unicorn and spooky Halloween for consideration where each theme are carefully selected and equipped with the necessary items and live station to make the event a more memorable and would definitely be Instagram worthy to be post on social media site or just for own keeping.

There would also be a gender revealing theme for the couple to announce the gender of their child, there would be a box full of balloon(Blue for boy and Pink for girl), or a confetti filled balloon to reveal the baby gender, the journey for the little one starts here. We would be glad to be a part of the planning for the joyous occasion for the newborn. Existing customer who had order a gender reveal package would be receiving additional discount or appreciation gift when they order a full month celebration with us, it has to be same baby though.

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