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High Tea Catering | Classic Gelish Manicure with 4 Season High Tea Sets

High teas were often associated with working-class people who were not office-bound in their jobs. Having a high tea in a posh hotel would be one of the most self-indulgent things most locals would like to try out. Usually, high tea would have an expensive price tag but at Best Food Caterer we aim to bring you the hotel experience in the comfort of your own home without the hassle of having to be in the appropriate attire to go to some hotel to enjoy this.

best food caterer
Best Food Caterer – High Tea Set

There are many variants of high tea sets for buffet option available from different hotels. What makes the dining experience different is the ambiance and environment at the place you dine at. Best Food Caterer is determined to match what other hotels are doing by bringing the ambiance and environment to you without the need to put a hole in your wallet. We would be using quality chinaware for the plating and set-up of the food items making the arrangements Instagrammable for posting on your social media.

Best Food Catering | What We Are Offering

Best Food Caterer offers a 4 Season high tea set, to excite you and your guest. We will deliver to your home so that you and your loved ones will enjoy at the comfort of your home.

Summer-themed would be traditional Nonya-style high tea selection which contains the popular nonya kuehs served with tea. Some of the sweet selections available would be small wah kor kueh, kueh lapis, baked tapioca, mini ondeh ondeh, pulut Inti, and banana walnut cake and for the savory option, it would be soon kueh, fried yam cake and spring roll.

High Tea set
Best Food Caterer – Summer High Tea Set

Spring– themed would be the western-theme Vegetarian high tea set with a selection of pie, quiche, vegetarian balls, crudites, muffins, cookie pebbles, brownie bites, tart, and loaf cakes and tea.

Winter & Autumn– themed would be the western-theme high tea set with a selection of pie, quiche, meatballs, crudites, muffins, cookie pebbles, brownie bites, tart, and loaf cakes and tea.

Best Food Caterer – Winter High Tea Set

You will be spoilt for choice on the selection as all food items are made comparable with hotel standards. Best Food Caterer is determined to provide service which people visiting a posh hotel would get. We bring the food and indulgent experience to you at your doorstep.

High Tea Catering | What you can expect

Hotel-standard pastry and desserts will be served for a minimum of 4 pax and there might not be a need for a high number of attendees should you prefer the privacy and exclusivity of the event with your close friends sharing conversations while enjoying the afternoon snacks.

Rest assured quality of the pastry and desserts are comparable with hotel standards, we have stringent quality controls and it will be served in classy chinaware or any of your preferred selection. A good selection of desserts would be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you have a heartier appetite, you could also go for the selection of cupcakes or whole cake where there are options for cheese, chocolate, shortcakes with a wide variety of flavor selection.

High Tea Catering | Enjoy your tea while being Pampered

While you eat and chat merrily with your friends in the comfort of home, there’s also an option, to have a manicurist and/or foot reflexologist servicing you without interrupting your high tea. Enjoyment comes packaged and this would be one of the highlights of the opportunity to pamper yourself with good high tea snacks and having your nails done and not to mention the relaxing massage the reflexologist is able to provide to ease your aches & stress.


Before you know it, your nails are done, and the body is being rejuvenated. feeling energized and fulfilled, all within an afternoon’s high tea at home. Most importantly you would be sharing this experience with your close friends. Thus, making it a very memorable experience and looking forward to the next session. All this could be done with us as it is hassle-free. Do keep a lookout for any new products or services that we are able to offer.

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