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Best Food Carter provide a one stop service for catering solution, with our comprehensive menu selection you would be spoiled for choice. The menu selection is specifically cater for the fortune god day theme, with auspicious and prosperous naming of the dishes would certainly be adding colours to the events. There would add on options of live station and special mascot (Fortune God / Mini Lion troupe) towards the end of the event, its surely a good and lucky feeling to have Fortune God dropping by your place for a visit. Mascot available would be on first come first serve basis and timing availability.

Fortune God Theme

Fortune God Theme Catering | Who is Fortune God Cai Shen?

It’s usually on the fifth day of Chinese New Year celebration, where Chinese labelled this as the Chinese God of wealth day. It was believed that the Fortune god would appear and enter the resident and the whole family would be enjoying proposer luck and wealth for the whole year. Families would be worshiping the god of wealth in the early morning; people would decorate the opening of their doors and invite the God of Wealth to enter into the house. Traditionally retail outlet stall would place a table on the front entry of the company’s main door, on the table there would be offerings like fruits, flower, candy, tea. The owners would also be hiring lion dance team for the cerebration of this auspicious day as they open the door for business and their arms for the Fortune God.

There are several versions of Fortune Gods which is unclear who are genuine or just an ancient myth passed down for generations. However, the variant of the fortune god, Chinese would believe Fortune God are a sign of Luck, prosperous and wealth. It’s also a time where we enjoy the abundance of wealth and spare a thought for those lesser fortunate, we could also be the mini “fortune god” to others in one way or another.

Chinese believe in passing down the traditions from the generations to generations, its certain that certain traditions would be modernised due to the change of time, it will be essential to ensure we know the story behind certain traditions. It will be more than just spreading the abundance of wealth but also to keep the tradition going during the Chinese New Year.

Cai Sen Ye Catering | What you are expecting from Best Food Caterer?

Nothing beats having your loves ones and friends gathering at the comfort of your home or function hall, having good foods and drinks to celebrate this joyous and prosperous occasion in cerebrating fortune god day with best food catering taking care of all the set up and presentation of the venue.

We are poised to deliver timely and efficient services across Singapore, there were be dedicated menu to ease any difficulties in selection of food or you could do your own customization of menu. We are not only catering just food, we appreciate you in having us as your selected choice for the celebration we would be delivering a one stop service to ensure you will have the taste of good food and as well as the good memory for the event. We would be providing the decoration on the venue with auspicious theme to welcome the fortune god into your house, further customization of lion troupe or fortune god mascot would be available however it will be determined by the timing and availability so kindly reserve early to avoid any disappointment.

There would be a dedicated account manager to service you and provide the coordination needed, we would be more than happy to provide a very personalize touch to you when there is need for us to assist. From the planning to the delivery of the whole catering experience would be smooth and seamless, we are also always open for feedbacks from our customers

Fortune God Theme Luck

Fortune God Theme Catering | What is being offered?

Depending on the number of pax you would be catering on, we will provide customization of “Yu-sheng” which everyone in the family will be able to “Lo Hei” into the new year. As this is a period of abundance and spreading the goodness to other people in sharing and experience the wholesomeness of great fortune, we are prepared to cater for different races and culture. Lets say this is a community event and your malay and Indian neighbours are invited to drop by. We will take care of this by setting up live food station like pratas or nasi lemak which are familiar cuisines(from our list of selected vendors), this will also be a good opportunity to understand your neighbour food as well as them and spreading the goodness of fortune.

Fortune God Theme Food

When you are hosting the event, we would be looking at your perspective on how you would like it do be done. From the decorations to the placement of the station even to the color contrast of the plates and utensils to match the event theme. We would have an eye for details to ensure every thing are cater to a good fit.

There would be attractive prizes to be won at this period, every 8th customer would be getting a chance for a sure win lucky dip at the end of the event, wouldn’t it be good to have “Fortune God” dropping by your venue after good food and drinks?

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