Frequently Asked Questions

What is Best Food Caterer?

Best Food Caterer is a one stop event organizing portal, where you can get all you need to throw a party, gathering, wedding or a company dinner and dance.

You can get anything from a food caterer to photographer or a kid’s birthday party mascot.

How does Best Food Caterer work?

Best Food Caterer’s portal has been designed with customers (yes you!) at heart. We want it to be a friendly portal for even those that are not very tech savvy.

You can use our filters to narrow down to the vendors that suit your needs and budget. Upon checkout, your order is sent directly to the selected vendor who will facilitate payment and order fulfillment. You may utilize any promotional discounts provided by Best Food Caterer on checkout. Once the order has been submitted successfully, the vendor will contact you within the next 2 working days to confirm your order.

Do I have to pay extra when ordering through Best Food Caterer?

Not a single cent more. Best Food Caterer guarantees you “best price!”

We will definitely not sell you anything more than what you can find outside from the same vendor.

How many days do I need to order in advance?

It varies with Vendors. We highly recommend placing orders at least 5 days in advance, and 1 week in advance for large orders. Please order earlier during festive periods.

I want to customise my menu from the given one. How can I do it?

You may leave a remark in your order form or simply email us at and we will get back to you with the answers.

Can we change our order?

Last minute cancellations by your guest, or planning hiccups? Need to postpone your party? Not a problem. Email your vendor with your changes or order cancellation details within the given cut off dates. Different vendors have different cut off dates for order amendments and cancellations. Be sure to read up on this when placing your order just in case you face such a scenario towards your order date. If your preferred vendor did not state a cut-off date on the portal, be sure to email us at to find out before placing your order.

What if the delivery is late or I don’t receive my delivery?

Our aim is to provide the best service possible. Unfortunately, things do not always go to plan and factors, such as traffic conditions and weather, may occasionally prevent us from achieving our targets in this regard. We will do our best to ensure that your Service is delivered by the time specified in the email and webpage. The timing of your order is determined by taking into account the number of orders and the circumstances being faced by the Vendors at that time.

Vendors will not be held liable for delays in delivering the services up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Therefore, the Vendors are not obliged to compensate in any way to the customers for the above scenario.

What is the refund procedure & terms and conditions? 

If an order is cancelled by the vendor or Best Food Caterer, we will refund the full order amount back to you, using your same payment method. If an order is cancelled by the customer before the cancellation deadline (please refer to can we change our order above), we will refund the full order amount as well. However for orders cancelled after the deadline, there will be no refund provided.

I did not receive an order confirmation. Did my order get through? 

Sometimes there are technical glitches which are inevitable. Due to this, some emails may not have gone through or be in your junk email folder. In the case that you do not receive your confirmation email, contact us at and we will check your order and confirm that everything goes well for your event.

I need more information and where can I get it?

You can always reach out to our Customer Care department. Please speak to us via the chat function available on our website or send us an e-mail at

How do i order for my company or government sector?

Register your company as a corporate partner and you will have to fill up a partner form to come on board. Fill up and email the form to