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Deepavali Catering | Things that Best Food Caterer is offering

Deepavali Catering done by Best Food Caterer would have one of the most comprehensive selection of Indian food, be it you preference is toward northern or southern cuisine, we would be able to satisfy each and every palate with our wide selection and recommended popular items which high quality with affordable price range.

Deepavali Catering | What is Deepavali?

One of the major and important festival in Singapore would be Deepavali, which also known as “Diwali” or the festival of lights, a celebration of the good triumph over evil. It’s a period of joy and celebration, all the Hindu families would decorating their homes to the brightest of light, feasting of great foods, having traditional prayers.

Being a small island, is filled with the diversity of different ethnic races. People come together to embrace and celebrate the Festival of Lights with a sumptuous spread of food and outstanding decorations.

Wherever the place might be in like in schools, community centres (RCs) and corporate companies that engage a diverse group of employees. These companies engage food caterers to provide the best foods, for lunches or dinners, to ensure each and everyone’s palate are being properly taken care of in the beauty of this brilliant festival. One of the other highlights would be the flamboyant and yet graceful decoration which also be seen along the streets of Little India.

Families and closed ones would come together to celebrate this joyous occasion, dressed in their shiny or traditional accessories and clothing, bright colours of sarees and jippa. There would be a good selection of north and south Indian sweets and savories palatable snack for each and good family bonding time would find in every household.

Festive Catering | What are the food available during this Deepavali season?

There would be a good array of delicacies from northern and southern Indian cuisines. Just to name a few are Gulab Jamun, Halwa, Barfi, Rasmalai and Payasam, Briyani, Masala Mutton and chicken. There are many more dishes to choose from our catering menu which are delicious and yet very affordable.

We also cater to our vegetarian counterparts, the menu are fully equipped as the meat selection and notable dish to try on would be the Tahu Sambal / Aloo Gobi and Ladies Finers Fry which is a must try from the menu.

Deepavali Catering
Deepavali Catering

Deepavali Catering | Why choose Best Food Caterer?

On our side or on mobile application would be able to provide you with vendors selection at your fingertips, we are probably the only company that has a list of such comprehensive list with consolidated pricing for your comparison and all the price and rates are openly found on our site without any hidden charges. Gone are the days where you need to make multiple phone call for enquiries and getting quotation, never to worry if your enquiries would not be answered again.

Your safety and concern is our priority, we would be clearly stating the content of the food in the ingredient items this is to avoid any likely chances of food allergies as the last thing we would want to happen would be your guest or yourself to be affected. There would also be labelling of the duration that the food is being prepared and served, the approximated hours where the food is still safe for consumption.

Deepavali Celebration

Deepavali Decoration| How should we decorate this festival?

Indian decorations can range from the traditional kolams to diyas to lanterns. Kolams (also known as Rangoli) are thought to bring prosperity to homes and are practised widely all over the world. Diyas are an important part of the festival whereby oil lamps are lit and placed all over the house especially as door entrances. It would be a pleasure for the 5 senses, hearing the festive music, seeing the Deepavali themed decoration, smelling the aromatic spices that are used, tasting the wonderful dishes from Best Food Caterer, having the full hands on experience on having henna done and having the full enjoyment of this festival.

Deepavali Catering | Why we need Henna Artist?

Having a Henna Artist would definitely be one of the highlight of the event beside the food and decoration. It would be for all ages to experience of their design has a specific meaning attached to it and knowing these meanings will throw a whole new light on the significance which symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual or to chase away evil. Only natural henna are used unless instant henna design are being requested.

Henna are completely safe for skin, it might look like a real tattoo but the ink would gradually fade therefore anyone regardless of race or culture could try this. Although the ink might fade after certain duration the memories and experience of having it done will surely be engraved deeply into the mind.

Deepavali Catering | The Deepavali Theme Song

There would be a good selection of Indian instrumental music to create a joyous occasion ambience and music plus good food would always be the correction equation for many conversations during the event.

Catering Vendors | What are the caterer Best Food Caterer Is available?

Here are some of our menu available and some also provide live station at a very affordable price and you would be spoiled for the amount of variety of choices that are available.

Casuarina Curry – south and north Indian catering, prata live station, high tea, vegetarian catering.

Hungry Indian Catering– south and north Indian catering, high tea, vegetarian catering- menu starting at $7.90.

Curry and Tandoor– North Indian catering.

Springleaf Prata Place – south and north Indian catering, prata live station, high tea, vegetarian catering.

Mayura Catering– south and north Indian catering, vegetarian catering.

Brinda’s- south and north Indian catering, high tea, vegetarian catering.

Veeras Curry Catering– South Indian catering.

Check out our various caterer here! Best Food Caterer – We offered the best range of catering experience for your guest every single time!

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