(Chinese New Year Catering) There is a folklore that in ancient time that a beast by the name of “Nian” during the spring festival once a year and this day would be the first day of New Year. Therefore, accordingly to the tale, the beast would be causing harm to families, it was later discovered that the beast is afraid of things associate with the colour red, loud combustion of noise and fire. There would be decoration of red couplet at the door, firing of firecrackers and when the beast saw these things it would be running away from it.

Chinese New Year is the most important festive event in a Chinese calendar, it’s a symbol that one whole year is ending and a brand-new year is going to take place. Its also called Spring festival or what we commonly referred as Chinese Lunar New Year. After the year of the pig would be welcoming the year of the rat. Regard as an opportunity for families to gather on the eve of the actual day for a annual reunion dinner.

Best Food Catering would be providing you a comprehensive choice of menu for you to skip the sight of crowd and saving the hassle of buying ingredients, preparing and all the washing of the plates. The menu is specially crafted for the auspicious event.

Chinese New Year Catering
Chinese New Year Caterer

Chinese New Year Catering | What is Chinese New Year celebration all about?

Following traditional customs, every families would doing a very thoroughly cleaning of their house, this symbolise the actions of sweeping away or removing all the ill-fortune or bad luck away and making way for the new incoming good luck. There would be decoration on doors, windows and wall with red couplets having auspicious writings of good fortune, happiness, longevity.

It would also be a period for families and close ones to pay each other a visit during this period, for the visiting it was often accompanied with the gifts of mandarin oranges in even numbers as an indication of passing on the good luck and togetherness, the guest would present the mandarin oranges to the host with auspicious greetings of good fortune or health before handing over the oranges to the host with two hands. Before the guest leaves, the host would be doing the exchange for the same amount of oranges given and return the oranges to the guest with greetings.

Every Chinese new year would define the year of the 12 zodiac in order from Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig, the year which you are born in you will have the animal as your zodiac sign, its pretty much like the western horoscope. It’s quite a popular thing to see how your luck is going to be for the new year.

Best Food Carter would be providing all the necessary catering solution for this period while eating options are limited and increased pricing due to the demand, Chinese New Year would have a good 15 days of celebration. We had start the ball rolling from Chinese New year eve, we all knew how hard it is to whip up a good course of reunion dinner, its time to have a change this year where all could be do away with a few click on selection of food items and we could deliver to you with customization of number of paxs needed.

Chinese New Year Catering | What you are expecting from Best Food Caterer?

In Best Food Caterer, we aim to deliver joy and blessing to your doorstep, presenting the festival to your table without you stressing over the food and celebration. Tracking of delivering status and estimate time of arrival would be advise accordingly, if there are sudden increase in the number of guest attending just let us know and we would be doing the necessary to ensure there are enough food and drinks. Empty lunch box and utensils are available upon request, if you would like your guest to take home some of your delicious food or you would just like keep some of the food before for consumption at a later time, kindly take note on the safety food duration for safe consumption for your chinese new year catering.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Vendor Catering | What is being offered?

A series of food with prosperous name will kick start you with abundance of luck when you start eating them. For a start would be the ever popular good fortune “yu sheng”, dried oyster with fatt choi which symbolise good luck and fortune, pork knuckles with bean sauce, sweet and sour fried fish fillet which means yearly abundance, stir fried tau kwa with pork and leek which means achieving greater heights and promotion. There are many more items available in our menu for selection.

Chinese New Year Caterer

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