Best Food Caterer gets the best Halal Caterer

best halal caterer in Singapore

Best Food Caterer brings you exclusive best halal caterer in Singapore. For all the festive seasons that are yet to come, make sure your event go flavoursome with the exquisite halal food items. We provide unlimited portions in our best halal caterer in Singapore. We have the perfect place for you that serve just what you would like to share amongst your friends and family.  We have a special gourmet kitchen catering, The Orange catering where you will find various types of food in Bento menu, Mini buffet menu and buffet menu. This vendor uses herbs right from their garden and thus you are bound to get fresh products from their kitchen. The orange catering is a true jewel for best halal in Singapore. There are even Japanese foods available for the one who craves for it. The Orange Catering is the most recommended vendor in the Best Food Caterer.

  • The Thai Bento menu 1 of the best halal caterer in Singapore has lemongrass chicken. Baby kalian with straw mushroom, that fish cake, steamed rice with fresh fruit.
  • Menu 2 has Thai green curry chicken, mango salad, Thai fish cake, steamed rice and fresh fruit.
  • Indian Bento has chicken briyani, cauliflower masala, crispy samosa, briyani rice and fresh fruit.
  • Vietnamese bento has grilled lemongrass chicken, mango salad, rice paper roll with prawn, steamed rice and fresh fruit.
best halal caterer in Singapore

Their recommended dish is the steamed prawns which are soft and delicious. Their chilli and black pepper crab is worth mentioning for its mouthful flavour and that is what makes them best halal caterer in Singapore. Their desserts are equally amazing. The Durian Pengat is awesome and lip smacking delicious.

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