In each different land, accompanied by a specific culture, there are separate norms and rules for food processing. And Muslim cuisine, a culinary scene with many unique features. So that the food of Muslims is also very lively and adheres to strict rules. What do you know about Halal Food? Check it now

best halal caterer in Singapore

Halal Food Caterer | What is Halal food?

Since Muslims have very complicated and strict rules, the cuisine also stipulates HALAL – what is allowed to do and HARAM – not allowed to do. Most religious followers abstain from pork, flying birds, animals that live on land and live in the water. Before slaughtering animals, many people in religion need to pray. Muslims do not eat meat when they die before slaughter or slaughter but have not been prayed for.

Halal Food | The difference between Non-Halal and Halal meat

  • Allah (meaning God) must be told by the butcher before surgery.
  • Slaughtering tools must be sharpened to ensure humanity. The turn must be killed in the throat.
  • Animals must be alive before surgery. The flesh of an animal that is dead or unconscious before surgery is not Halal meat.
  • After surgery, the meat must be hung upside down to allow blood to flow out. Halal meat is bloodless meat.
  • Slaughter must be done by Muslims or Jews
  • Animals must be fed in natural mode, not containing other animal products.

Halal Food | The following products are Halal

  • Milk (from cows, sheep, camels, and goats)
  • Honey
  • Fish
  • Fresh natural or frozen vegetables
  • Fresh vegetables or dried fruits
  • Vegetables and nuts such as peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts
  • Cereals such as wheat, rice, rye, oats, barley

Animals such as cows, sheep, goats, deer, chickens, birds, ducks … are also Halal, but they must be slaughtered according to Islamic etiquette to be suitable for consumption.

Halal Food Catering | Why need Halal catering?

One of the important factors that constitute the answer to the question of why halal food is required. Because of the observation and statistics, the demand for tourism and the number of people who like to travel and enjoy Halal’s food is high. Because of the ingredients that make this dish, it is close to all kinds of people. And the processing is very diverse and very suitable for the majority of the people.

And one of the most obvious things is almost 20 percent of people living in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Myanmar are all Muslims. Choosing a halal food service can be challenging for some of you. It is actually similar to the regular catering services.

best halal caterer in Singapore

The main difference is that a halal catering food service should conform to adhere to the Islamic laws regarding the food content and food preparation. The best catering service should also meet your personal budgets, personal needs, and your guest’s preferences.

Catering Food in Singapore | How much to budget?

There is may not have the right number, just a collection of some website that they will show the prices and we got the budget for halal food caterer in Singapore. Check it out on below for some budget.

According to the smart money, we found that they got the result of Halal buffet catering services in Singapore (2019)

KG Catering $4 to $20 $30 (waived for min. 100 pax)
Eatz Catering $7.80 to $23.80 $50 (regular) or $60 (PH/eve)
Delihub Catering $8.99 to $30 $60
SK Catering $9.90 to $25 $80
Elsie’s Kitchen $9.90 to $28.90 $50 (waived with min. spend of $600)
Stamford Catering $11 to $25 $50 (free until 31 May)
Glory Catering $11 to $15 $33 (waived for min. 80 pax)
Chilli Api Catering $12.50 to $36 $50 or $60 (depending on area)
Rasel Catering $16.90 to $41.80 $60 (waived with min. spend of $1,000)

Halal food caterer | Halal Certified Company in Singapore

Halal Certified CompanyPrice per paxType of Cuisine
Casuarina Curry Macpherson$8.56 to $32.10Indian 
Orange Lantern Catering$11.67 t0 $29.96Thai, Japanese, Padang,Vietnamese
Mayura Catering$10.70 to $26.75Indian 
Spring Leaf Prata Place$9.63 to $21.40Indian 
Curry and Tandoor$8.56 t0 $28.34Indian, Malay, Thai
Epikebabs $8.00 to $145.00Kebab
Rasa Sayang$1.15 to $410.00Asia Flavours Juice and Ice creams
Brinda’s$14.98 to $25.68Indian Peranakan Western Dishes
AMGD$17.12 to $21.40Japanese
Simply Buffet by Rasel$4.28 to $12.84Asian
Bunnie Bash$450 to $550Ice Creams
Manna Pot Catering$10.00 to $27.61Asian Menu
Rasa Rasa Catering$8.56 to $31.03Asian, Malay, Maskan
Des Kitchen Catering$4.82 to $32.95Asian
Occasions Catering$7.02 to $280.80Indian, French, Italian, American, Thai, Japanese, Malasian, Chinese, Peranakan
Churros Factory$9.90 to $760.00Dessert
Wee Kee Catering$3.21 to $32.10Chinese , Asian
Halal BBQ catering service Price per pax Delivery charges
Spring Ocean $7.75 to $18 $15 (free for min. $300 order)

Halal Caterer in Singapore | What to look out for halal food caterers?

Looking for halal food catering service you might be wondering how to choose the best halal catering food for your guest in Singapore. Choosing a halal food service can be challenging for some of you. It is actually similar to the regular catering services.

1. Look at the list of catering foods

You can get service lists from anywhere. People often get lists that serve from friends, relatives or their families, who have experience with halal catering services. You can also search from the internet to find the best catering services that offer halal food for you and your guests. There are many different restaurants or food services that provide halal food for their business.

2. Look at the menu

The second step that you need to do after finding the best catering service is to look at their menu. This is an important step when choosing a halal catering service that provides halal food for you and your guests. Make sure the menu does not contain any pork products on their menu. You should also ensure that there is no alcohol in their food. These are the two main components that should not be included in the menu. Once you find those two components, you should avoid that catering service.

3. Invite food suppliers

Once you find your perfect halal catering service, you can invite vendors to discuss business. The best halal catering service should be available to discuss the menu with you. In most cases, you will get some free samples from halal food service to ensure that the food is good and halal. You can also ask the waiter to visit their restaurant or workplace. It is important to look at how they prepare and cook foods. You must make sure that all the processes in their place are done properly.

4. Check MUIS (Singapore’s official Halal Certificate)

Another important thing you need to do when choosing the best halal catering service is to look at the MUIS website. MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) is the official Singapore halal certification managed by the government. There is a lot of good information you can read to find the best halal serving dish for you and your guests in Singapore.

5. Check guest preferences

Finally, you need to discuss with your guests about the food you choose. Make sure halal foods serve their needs and preferences. It is important to ask their interests because you need to provide the best service for your guests when they are in Singapore. There are some important tips that you can use to choose the best halal catering service for your guests in Singapore. It is important to find out about catering services available in Singapore before ordering food served from those services.

Halal Food Caterer in Singapore

Halal food and all its concepts are encapsulated in this article. And you know that cuisine is the art and Halal food is the most diverse and colorful art cuisine that you definitely need to try. And if you come to Singapore right away, of course, don’t forget Halal food because these are the quintessential artistic quintessence of Muslims. Don’t worry because the locations and information are good suggestions for you.

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