Get the Prata Live Station to add a unique touch to your parties and events. Suitable for Birthday Party, Kids Events and small gatherings. Casuarina Curry is known for their Prata live stations. The Menu starts from 20pax on wards.

They are halal certified and Health Promotion Board Recommended Caterer.

The Prata chef dance and flip the Prata dough to entertain the guest. There are 11 different types of Prata will be made upon request. (Plain, Papper, Plaster, Egg, Cheese, Mushroom, Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and etc…)

The Prata Live Station comes together with a buffet menu. Briyani Rice, Masala Chicken, Mutton Rendang, Curry Fish, Stir Fired Cabbage Carrots, Samosa, Dessert, Indian Tea Tarik, Lime Juice and Papadam.

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